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Rich & Rapid Innovation Package

Online focus groups with full insight and territory development report

Creative & compelling concept development

Completion in 8 Weeks

Test concepts in a Quant + Qual hybrid

Refine top performing concepts and prepare for commercialization

Special Price: $40,000 (Normally $50,000)

Agile Innovation


  • Market Analysis - Assess market trends, growth opportunities, competitive offerings, and white space through data synthesis and expert analysis.


  • Consumer Insights - Derive compelling insights around behaviors, motivations, frustrations, and unmet needs based on a range of research methodologies.


  • Concept Testing - Quantitatively test and optimize new product concepts and marketing campaigns with target consumer groups.


  • Product Development - Generate breakthrough product ideas and refinements through ideation workshops and design thinking exercises.


  • Packaging Design - Develop on-brand, visually appealing, and functional product packaging that stands out on shelves.


  • Product Naming - Create evocative, memorable names and slogans for products through linguistic analysis and consumer testing.


  • Claims Development - Research, formulate, and validate compelling and compliant product claims based on consumer benefits.


  • Launch Strategy - Craft integrated launch plans spanning marketing communications, distribution, pricing, and budgeting.


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